Chapter – 2


Key Points

1. Heyder Ali : Commander of Mysore army

2. Poornaih : First Diwan of Mysore

3. Lord Wellesly : Introduced subsidiary alliance

4. Yadhuraya & Krishnaraya: Began the wodiyar rule in Mysore

5. Tippu Sultan : Son of Hyder Ali was known as Tiger of Mysore

6. Krishnaraja wodiyar : Under his rule mysore state reknow as Ramarajya

7. Jayachamaraja wodiyar : He was the last king of Mysore state

8. Lord Dallhousie : Introduced Doctrine of lapse

9. Rajavenkatappa nayaka : Ruler of Surpur (Ikkeri)

Year and Events

1. 1767 : The British having allied with Marathas and the Nizam of

Hyderabad attacked hyder Ali of mysore.

2. 1761 : Hyder Ali dethroned Nanjaraja and Established his control on Mysore.

3. 1799 : Tippu Sultan died

4. 1798 : Lord wellesly came to India

5. 1857 : First war of Independence

6. 1862 : Mangalore came under British rule

7. 1700 : Marathas occupied the region of Canara

8. 1836 : Belgaum was Separated from Dharwad

I. Choose the correct Answer from the following alternative

1. The British having allied with the Marathas and the Nizam of Hyderabad attacked

Hyder Ali in

a)1767 b)1676 c)1676 d)1667

2. Hyder Ali dethroned Nanjaraja in

a)1771 b)1761 c)1781 d)1716

3. Mangalore peace treaties was signed in

a)1748 b)1781 c)1784 d)1874

4. The English army under defeated Hyder Ali

a)Robert Clive b)Eyre coot c)Dupleix d)Maratha

5. Subsidiary alliance was introduced by

a)Ircoot b)Devaraja c)Nanjaraja d)Lord Wellesley

6. The representative of Vijayanagara was defeted by

a)Kanteerava narasaraja wodeyar b)Raja Wodeyar c)Krishnaraja Wodeyar III d)Aurangzeb

7. Hyder Ali Conquired Bidanur in

a)1763 b)1780 c)1870 d)1862

8. In the year 1862 all the region north of kundapur were transferred to

a)Hyderabad Presidency b)Bombay Presidency c)Madras Presidency d)Calcutta Presidency

9. Belgaum was separated from Dharwad in

a)1368 b)1638 c)1683 d)1836

10. The Chief of Haleri Arasas was

a)Viraraja b)Lingaraja c)Devaraja d)Chikkaveeraraj

II. Fill in the blanks with suitable words:

1. The first Anglo Mysore war was ended with the treaty of Madras

2. The colony of French was Mahe

3. The son of Hyder Ali was Tippu Sultan

4. The Kodagu was ruled eight centuries by Chengalvas

5. In the beginning of 17th century the south canara conquered by Venkatappa Nayaka

6. The last ruler of wodiyar dynasty Jayachamaraja wodiyar

7. The two ministers of mysore provinces were Nanjaraja and Devaraja

8. According to “Treaty of Srirangapatna‟ tippu had to pay 330 lakhs rupees as compensation to British.

9. Halagali was under the rule of mudhol dynasty.

10. In the year 1862 Mangalore came under British rule.

11. Swamy Aparampara was arrested as he tried to organize the peasant against British.

12. The independent native state of coorg was under the control of Haleri Rulers .

13. The British capture mahe which led to the second Anglo mysore war.

14. Mangalore pease treaty was signed in1784.

15. Lord Wellesly who came to India in 1798

16. Tippu died in the year 1799

17. Hyder Ali died in the year 1782

18. Capital of Tippu Sultan was Srirangapatna

19. The mysore state under krishnaraja wodeyar became reknown as Ramaraiya

20. The protest of Naragunda Nayakas has been called as revolt of Naragunda.

21. The region of lower coorg was attached to madras presidency.

III.Match the following

              A-                             B-            Ans

1. First Anglo Mysore war a) 1781  c

2. Second Anglo Mysore war b) 1763  a

3. Poornaih c) Madras peace Treaty  d

4. Occupied Bidanur d) First Diwan of Mysore  b

IV Discuss the following in groups and answer the questions:

1. How did Hyder Ali fight the British? Or Explain First Anglo Mysore war.

  • In the year 1767, the British having allied with the Marathas and the Nizam of attacked Hyder Ali of Mysore.
  • But Hyder Ali became successful in wooing the support of the Marathas and the Nizam of Hyderabad.
  • Later, Hyder Ali having confronted the British went as for as Madras.
  • By this, the English were forced to sign „The Madras Peace treaty‟.
  • With this treaty, the first Anglo-Mysore war came to an end.

2. What was the cause for the Second Mysore War?

Mahe was a colony of the French and was under the control of Hyder Ali. The British capture of Mahe, led to the Second Anglo Mysore War.

3. The „Srirangapatna Treaty‟ was inevitable for Tippu. Explain.

  • The English considered Tippu their strongest enemy in the South.
  • Conflict with the English resumed after Tippu attacked Travancore allie of the English.
  • This led to the Third Anglo Mysore War.
  • The war which started in 1790 ended two years later in 1792 with the „treaty of Srirangapatna‟.
  • In this war, Tippu lost heavily.
  • As a result, he not only had to forfeit half his kingdom to the British but had to pay 330 lakh rupees as compensation for the losses incurred.
  • Till such time it was agreed that two of his sons were taken hostage by the English. Some regions in Tamil Nadu and Malabar which were under Mysore were taken over by the British.

4. Which are the areas of „Hyderabad Karnataka‟?

Today‟s Bidar, Gulbarga, Yadgir and Raichur which were under the direct rule of the Nizam have been identified as the regions of Hyderabad-Karnataka.

5. Explain the friendship between the British and Venkatappa Nayaka of Ikkeri.

  • Venkatappanayaka of Ikkeri occupied the region of South Canara in the early part of the 17th century.
  • Later, he shifted his capital to Bidanur near Mysore.
  • The Keladi rulers under Venkatappanayaka continued to rule over this region till the middle of the 18th century.
  • The English relations with South Canara started in 1737.
  • In addition to obtaining permission to trade from Bidanur rulers, in certain places they even gained monopoly to trade in pepper and cardamom.

6. Describe the role of Guddemane Appayyagowda in the Coorg mutiny.

  • Inside coorg also there insued struggle under the leadership of Guddemane Aiyappa gowda.
  • This struggle was suppersted by the British through the Diwans of coorg.
  • The army Colish came from Madras repoesed the Crusadar from Mangalore.
  • The British projected this as a revolt.
  • some of the important activitis of the struggle were hang to death; while a few were arrested and exiled.
  • This struggle of lower coorg and coastal regions is significant as it occured well before the 1857 struggle. The British ruled over coorg.

7. Explain how Mumbai-Karnataka area became part of British territory.

  • Tippu during his war with the English, lost Honnavar.
  • After the death of Tippu, the British took possession of Sonda.
  • However, due to its proximity with the regions of Bombay, the north Canara including sonda was in 1861, transfered to Bombay presidency .
  • It is because of the region of Canara got divided into North Canara and South Canara.

8. What were the results of Third Anglo Mysore war?

  • In this war, Tippu lost heavily.
  • As a result, he not only had to forfeit half his kingdom to the British but had to pay 330 lakh rupees as compensation for the losses incurred.
  • Till such time it was agreed that two of his sons were taken hostage by the English. Some regions in Tamil Nadu and Malabar which were under Mysore were taken over by the British.
  • The Marathas got the region up to the Tungabhadra.
  • Ballary, Cuddapha and Doab region of Tungabhadra were given to the Nizam

9. Why did lord wellesly declard war on tippu?

  • The British Governor General, Lord Wellesley who came to India in 1798, tried to impose the doctrine of subsidiary alliance on Mysore.
  • Tippu Being a decisive enemy of the British, refused subsidiary alliance and made preparations for war.
  • He took measures to face the British and to protect his capital.
  • He engaged the French to train his army.
  • He tried to establish communication with France, Turkey and other countries and sought their help.
  • At this time, the British Governor General, Lord Wellesley declared war on Tippu.

10. What were the results of 4th Anglo Mysore war?

  • Tippu fought bravely, but died on the battle field.
  • This has been called the Fourth Anglo-Mysore War.
  • As a result the state of Mysore was shared by the British and the Nizam, while
  • the region of old Mysore was handed over to Krishnaraja Wodiyar III.
  • Many of the territories of Coorg which were under Tippu were handed over to the kings of Coorg.

11. Who started Wodiyar rule in Mysore ?

The Mysore Wodiyar rule that began with yaduraya and Krishnaraya.

12. Name the native rulers who protested against Doctrine of Lapse.

  • The Policy of Doctrine of Lapse introduced by the British met a stiff opposition from the native states.
  • Kittur Rani Channamma, Sangolli Rayanna and others were the leaders of this protest.
  • In addition to this protest against the British took place in Supa, Surapur, Nargund and Dandeli.
  • The leaders of this Protest were Mundargi Bhimrao, Bhaskar Rao Bhave, the Halgali Bedas, Raja Venkatappa Nayaka and others.

13. Who were the freedom fighters of Coorg?

pandyanda Belliyappa, chippudira,poonacha

14. Which are the areas of Mumbai Karnataka?

Belgaum, Bijapur, Dharwad and some regions of North Canara were under the rule of Bombay Presidency.

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