ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS OF THE WORLD-8th Standard Social Science Notes



I Complete the following sentences by using suitable

words in the blanks.

1. Hieroglyphics are called ____________

2. The kings who ruled Egypt are called _______

3. The Greeks referred to Mesopotamia as __________

4. The most famous king of the Amorites is ____________

Ans: (I) sacred writing (2) Pharaohs (3) land between the rivers (4) Hammurabi

II. Match the following :


I. Hwang River a. Mesopotamia

2. Cuneiform b. King of the Amorites

3. Cleopatra c. Shang

4. Hammurabi d. China

5. Chinese dynasty e. the last Egyptian queen

Ans: 1 -d, 2 -a, 3 -e, 4 -b, 5 - c.

II. Answer in brief the following questions:

1. How are 'mummies' preserved?

Ans: The dead body/mummies was preserved by smearing it with various chemicals and wrapped with a thin cloth. It was kept in a specially designed coffin.

2. Write a paragraph on the Pyramids.

Ans: Pyramids were the tall towers constructed on the graves using huge blocks of stone in order to protect the eternal sleep of the dead. Kings and wealthy people competed with each other to build taller and taller pyramids. These pyramids were created in the desert itself.

3. How was 'Hwang Ho River' China's Sorrow?

Ans: The Chinese Civilization was established in River Hwang Ho valley. But after floods this river changed its course in an unpredictable manner and inundated houses and agricultural lands. It would render all the canals useless. Therefore Hwang Ho River was considered the 'Symbol of sorrow'.


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