BHAKTI PANTH-9th Standard Social Science Notes



I. Fill in the blanks with suitable words:

1. Bhakti means ______________ to God.

2. The famous follower of Ramanand was ______________.

3. Kabirs followers are called ______________.

4. The collection of Chaitanya's philosophical thoughts is called______________

Ans: (1) devotion/ Trusting, (2) Kabir Das, (3) Kabirpanthis, (4) Chaitanya Charitamruta

II. Answer the following questions by discussing with your group:

1. Who popularized worship of Rama and Sita? What are his services to society?

Ans: Ramananda popularized worship of Rama and Sita. He established a Vaishnava religious school based on love and devotion. He travelled to several places in North India and popularized the worship of Ram and Sita. He condemned caste system and allowed people from every caste system to join his sect.

2. Who are Sikhs? Which is their holy book?

Ans: The followers of Guru Nanak are called Sikhs. His teachings are collected in a book called Grant Sahib. It is their holy book.

3. What are the effects of the Bhakti movement?

Ans: Some of the effects of the Bhakti movements are as followed-

(a) Reform of the Hindu practices and bringing about harmony between Hindus and Muslims were the two main purposes of the Bhakti movement.

(b) Many weaknesses in the Hindu society were removed.

(c) The regional language of India flourished since the reformers wrote in these languages.

(d)The development of regional languages enabled development of Indian culture.


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