CHRISTIANITY AND ISLAM-9th Standard Social Science Notes


I. Fill in the blanks:

1. The birthplace of Jesus Christ is ________

2. Christ was crucified on the hillock ________

3. Christianity became the state religion of Rome during the period of ________

4. Mohammed Paigambar was born at ________

5. The holy hook of Islam is ________

6. The successors of Mohammed Paigarnbar are known as ________

Ans: (1) Bethlehem (2) Golgotha (3) Emperor Constantine (4) Mecca (5) Quran (6) Caliphs.

II. Answer the following questions in brief:

1. Write about life of Jesus Christ.

Ans: Lord Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea province. He was the only son of the poor couple, Joseph and Mary. Jesus was born when Jews were awaiting the arrival of a Messiah who would save them from their problems. John, a religious preacher baptized Jesus and declared that Jesus was Messiah; Jesus travelled throughout the country and preached his philosophy. His twelve disciples were called apostles. Jesus sympathized with the downtrodden and those who suffered from diseases and the poor. When Jesus became popular among the Jews and rejected the religions dogmas, the Emperor of Rome and a few fundamentalists started opposing him He was crucified on Friday, the 7th April of 30 B.C.

2. List the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Ans: The preachings of Jesus Christ are very simple to follow. They were based on love, Service and Brotherhood. They are told in the form of stories or parable. The teachings of Jesus Christ are as follows:

1. He told people to imagine God as their Father and all human beings were children of the God.

2. He advocated Universal Brotherhood.

3. He told people to shun hypocritical religious practices.

4. He advised people to repent for their sins and seek forgiveness from the God.

5. He asked people to do unto others what they wanted others to do to them.

6. He equated Service of Man with Service of God.

3. How was Christianity Spread?

Ans: After the crucifixion of Christ, his disciples were tortured. Some of them were crucified. During the time of Emperor Constantine, Christianity was adopted as the State Religion. Subsequently, Christianity spread throughout Europe. Today, Christian Churches are found throughout the world and have a large number of followers.

4. Write a note on the life of Mohammed Paigambar.

Ans: Prophet Mohammed was born at Mecca in 570 AD. AbduIla and Ameena were his parents. His father died before his birth and the mother died when he was six year old. Thereafter, he was brought up by his uncle Abu Bakar, who was a trader and Mohammed travelled with him. I le married a widow and had two sons and four daughters. Mohammed had a habit of introspection and meditation all alone in a cave in Mecca. Once he heard the voice of an angel who told him that he was the
Prophet of God. He spent his life in preaching the Divine Gospel which was compiled in a book called the Quran. When the orthodox community opposed Mohammed, he had to travel to Madina in 622 A.D. He brought many small tribes of Arabia together and his strength doubled. After some years to moved back to Mecca with his followers and breathed his last there.

5. What is Hijra?

Ans: When the orthodox community of Mecca opposed Prophet Mohammed. He could continue to preach there so he moved to Madina in 622 A.D. This journey became popular in history as Hijra. The Islamic calendar Hijri reckoned from this date.

6. What are the rules of Islam?

Ans: There are five basic practices or rules of Islam which are said 10 be the pillars of Islam. They are as follows:

I. Firm belief in one God and Mohammed as His Prophet.

2. Praying five times daily facing the direction of Kaaba.

3. Fasting during the Ramzan month from sunrise to sunset.

4. Donating One-fourth of their earnings to the poor.

5. Visiting Mecca at least once in their lifetime.

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