COMMUNICATION-10th Standard Social Science Notes




I Fill in the blanks with suitable words:

1. GIS was first established in Canada

2. GIS was established in the year 1960

3. GPS is also called Path finder

4. GPS is important from the point of National Security

II. Answer the following after discussing them in groups:

1. What do you mean by Communication Media?

Today there are different means of communication. We can contact people in different places. The method of reaching a large number of people at the same time is called Mass Communication. Besides the traditional newspaper and radio, as a result of advanced electronic technology, communication network is widely spread in India and is rendering a great service.

2. What are the types of communication?

With the development of electronic technology today, many communication media have come into use. In addition to traditional mediums like posts, newspaper and radio, television, satellites, computer network, internet, e-mail, mobile telephones etc. are the main types of communication important.

3. Mention the importance of Communication.

  • With the help of communication media, people of the country can learn about the various incidents of different places.
  • The people can aware of the policies of the government.
  • By educating people through mass media about agriculture and industry, a speedy developmental process is possible.
  • Mass communication media have become the fundamental requirement of trade and commerce.
  • Mass media can be effectively utilized to strengthen the unity, integration and stability in the country.

4. What is GPS? Mention its uses.

  • The main objective of this system is to indicate the location of a stationary or moving object or person through pointing out the latitude, longitude and height above the sea level.
  • Today this system are very useful in many ares. GPS technology works based on the information sent by the satellites and through the use of any individual‟s receiver set on the earth‟s surface.
  • They are useful in assessing the geographical position of natural calamities. So that suitable safety measures are taken.
  • It is helpful for trekkers to know the exact location and routes.
  • Soldiers, pilots, fishermen and sailors use GPS to follow correct path and direction. Today transport authorities also use this to manage the movement.

5. Write about Remote Sensing Technology.

    In the modern technology Remote sensing is very important. In collect information regarding the earth surface. It gathers information about distance without physically touching the objects. This is called Remote sensing. Arial and satellite photos are from the Remote sensing.


  • From these pictures, true, accurate and reliable information pertaining to that period can be obtained.
  • This is a fast, low-cost information collection system compared to geographical survey.
  • The information gathered by these can be easily analysed using computers.
  • Remote sensing images can be obtained from satellites regarding the extremes of climate and disturbances in the geographical features.
  • Studies related to natural calamities like typhoons, cyclonic storms, floods etc. can be taken up with the help of remote sensing pictures.
  • The role of satellite images is significant in analyzing the natural resources like land use, forest area, water bodies, residential areas, distribution of crops, land erosion,coast etc.

6. What is GIS ? Explain its uses .

  • The system which can collect the information, accumulate and enable use when required, modify and show the data of the earth‟s surface is called Geographical Information System (GIS).
  • It was first established in Canada in the year 1960. Today it is widely used all over the world

Uses :

  • GIS technology-based maps are more attractive and give accurate information.
  • Various types of geographical, social and economic information can be easily analysed and models can be constructed.
  • In recent years, GIS technology is being used to give advance intimation regarding weather phenomena.
  • Since this is a computer-based analysis, maps can be created very fast without the need of a cartographer in a very short time and even maps can be modified.

7. Which are the softwares of GIS?

GIS soft wares are map-constructing technology, Arc info, Autocad, Map info etc. are prominent.

8. Why GPS is called path finder?

  • GPS system involves 24 artificial satellites launched and managed by the U.S.A.
  • They revolve around the earth constantly.
  • Each satellite is equipped with powerful cameras, an accurate clock powered by solar heat and information-transmitting antenna
  • The information sent by these satellites can be received by a receiver of any individual, and analysed to indicate the actual position of that person.
  • Based on the information obtained from satellites, the distance between the individual and satellites is accurately calculated and the location of the person to the exact latitude, longitude, and height above sea level is given.
  • Because of this, the GPS is also called Path finder.

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