ENTREPRENEURSHIP-10th Standard Social Science Notes


Business Studies


I Key points

  • The word entrepreneur is derived from the French word Enterprende which means to undertake Some activity
  • Entrepreneur is an innovator of new ideas and business processes.
  • Entrepreneur is a process of a action of an Enterpreneurship is a creation activity enter preneurs are the business leaders .
  • Entrepreneurs serve as the “Spark plug”in the economys engine.
  • Distrit industrial centers were established in the year 1978
  • Dr.Pratap reddy developed indies first hospital group,”The Apollo Hospital”
  • Naresh Goyal is the founder and chairman of jet airways.
  • Varghere Kurien is best knoun as”Father of the white Revolution”
  • One of the important entrepreneurships in the world started by Dhirubai ambani is Reliance company.
  • Azim Premji is the chairman of wipro technologies.
  • Narayan Murthy is one of the founder of “Infosys technologies ltd.
  • Ekta kpoor is know as the queen of Indian television sector.
  • Kiran Mazumuder shah is the chairman and managing director of biocon ltd.

II. Expand the following

1. G.D.P =Gross Domestic product

2. I.D.B.I= Industrial Development Bank of India

3. NABARD= National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development

4. EXIM BANK = Export and Import Bank

5. IFCI= Industrial Finance corporation of India.

6. SIDBI= Small Industries Development Bank of India.

7. LIC = Life Insurance corporation of India.

8. UTI= Unit Trust of India

9. ICGCI= Industrial credit and Government corporation of India.

10. NSIC= National Small Industries Corporation

11. SIDC= Small Industries Development corporation ltd.

12. SISI= Small Industries service Institutions

13. KVIC= Khadi and Village Industries corporation .

I Choose the Correct answer from the following alternatives:

1. The word entrepreneur is derived from the French word

a )Entrepremium b) Entre prende c)Entre preneure d)Entrepreneurship

2. Entrepreneurs are the business

a)Companies b)Processes c)Leaders d)all the above

3. Entrepreneurs serve as the -----------in the economy‟s engine activating and stimulating all dynamic activities .

a)Spark plug b)Spark Board c)Cell phone d)Computer

4. District industrial centres were established in

a)1960 b)1969 c)1975 d)1978

5. Dr. Pratap Reddy developed India‟s first Hospital group called:-

a)The Vikram Hospitals b) The Apollo Hospitals c)Narayana Hrudayalas d) The Kamakshi Hospitals

6. Which is India‟s largest domestic airlines under private sector?

a)Jet Airways b) The Kingfisher

c) The Indian Airlines d) The Deccan Airlines

7. Name the milk dairy established by kurien in Gujarat.

a) Nandini milkDairy B)Anand Milk Dairy c) Roopa Milk Dairy d) Kishore milk Dairy

8. Who is the chairman and managing director of BioconLtd? a)Ektakpoor b) Kiran Maxumdar shah c) Narayan Murthy d) Azim Premji

9. Who is the Creative director of Balaji Tele film ?

a)Dhirubai Ambani b) Dr.Pratap Reddy c) Naresh Goyal d) Ektak poor

10. Name the Company stated by Dhimbai Ambani?

a) Nokia b) Samsung c) Vodafone d) Reliance

IV Years and Importance

1. 1991= Naresh Goyal set up Jet Airways for operation.

2. 1999= Infosys became the first Indian company to be listed on NASDAQ (National Association of securities Dealers Automated Quotations)

3. 1978= Kiran Mazudar shah Started Biocon (Bio-Technology company )in a rented Garage.

4. 2001= Ektakpoor was awarded the best entrepreneur of the year by the erust young.

5. 1978= The district industrial centres were setup.

V Fill in the Blanks with correct answers.

1. The word entrepreneur has come from the French word Entreprende.

2. The process of action of an entrepreneur who undertakes to establish an enterprise is called Entrepreneurship

3. District Industrial centres were started in the year 1978.

4. The person who developed Apollo Group of hospital was Dr.Pratap Reddy.

5. The chairperson of wipro is Azim Premji.

6. Entrepreneurship is a creative activity.

7. India‟s largest domestic airlines under private sector is Jet Airways.

8. Dr. Pratap Reddy developed the Apollo Hospitals

9. Varghese Kurien is best known as the father of the white Revolution.

10. Ekatakpoor is the creative Director of Balaji Telefilms.

VI Match the following

1. Dr. Pratap Reddy a)Director of Balaji Telefilms c

2. Naresh Goyal b)Chairman of Wipro Technologies e

3. Dhirubai Ambani c) Developed the Apollo Hospitals d

4. Azim Premji d) Founder of Reliance Company b

5. Ktakpoor e) Chairman of Jet Airways a

VII Answer the following questions

1. Who is an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur is an innovator of new ideas and business processes.

2. Entrepreneurship is a creative activity how?

Entrepreneurship is the ability to create and build something. It is a knack of sensing the opportunity where other see chaos, contradiction and confusion.

3. What are the characteristics of Entrepreneurship?

  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Dynamism
  • Leadership
  • Team building
  • Achievent motivation
  • Problem solving
  • Goal orientation
  • Risk taking
  • Decision making
  • Commitment.

4. Explain the importance of an entrepreneur.

  • Entrepreneurs are the business leaders, They look for ideas and put them into practice in nurturing economic growth and development.
  • They play the most important role in the economic growth and development of a country‟s economy.
  • Entrepreneurs play a pivotal role not only in the development of industrial sector of a country but also in the development of agriculture and service sector.
  • The major role played by the entrepreneurs in the economic development is as follows:

5. What is the part played by the District centre‟s in the development of Entreprises?

  • Technical support for preparation of project report.
  • Information on machinery and equipment
  • Promotion of new Industrial Estates.
  • Approval of Project reports of special types.
  • Training through Entrepreneurship development programmes.
  • Allotment of raw materials .
  • Financial assistance under self-employment schemes.
  • Assistance under equipment leasing scheme through NSIC.
  • Assistance in marketing linkage with central government.
  • Assistance in ancillary industry tie-up with government undertakings.
  • Marketing assistance through participation in exhibitions/ trade fairs/buyers- sellers meet.
  • Attending problems related to SSI registration/Bank loan/ marketing production.
  • Financial assistance for modernisation of units.
  • Export assistance.
  • Assistance in sick unit revitalisation.
  • Promoting entrepreneurship through National level awards for innovative products.
  • Promotion of products under non-conventional energy source.
  • Assistance in standardisations of products.
  • Assistance in design and product development for handicrafts.

VII Additional questions

1. Mention any three roles played by the entrepreneurs in the economic development.

Entrepreneurs provide large scale employment to artisans, technically qualified persons and professionals. Entrepreneurs contribute towards the development of society by reducing concentration of income and wealth. Entrepreneurs promote country‟s export trade.

2. What are the main functions of an entrepreneur ?

Entrepreneur starts business activity by preparing various plans relating to business He organises factors of production. He takes decisions about product, technology, marketing employment etc.

He co-ordinates things effectively. He handles budget of his concern. He bears risk and uncertainty.

He gives directions to the business firm and ensures effective operation.

3. Who is Narayan Murthy?

He is one of the founder of “Infosys Technologies ltd”

4. What is Biocon?

It is the largest Bio –Technology company in India started by Liran Mazumdar Shas.

5. Which are the financial institution provide loans to small scale industries ( for self employment)

  • Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI)
  • National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development (NABARD)
  • Export and Import Bank (EXIM BANK)
  • Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI)
  • Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFCI)
  • Industrial Credit & Government Corporation of India(ICGCI)
  • Industrial Re-construction Bank of India.
  • Commercial & other Banks
  • State Finace corporations.
  • Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)
  • Unit Trust of India (UTI)

6. Explain the role of importants of an Entrepreneur.

  • Entrepreneurs promote capital formation by mobilizing the idle savings of the citizens. They employ resources for setting up their enterprises.
  • Entrepreneurs provide large scale employment to artisans, technically qualified persons and professionals.
  • Entrepreneurs help the country to increase the Gross Domestic product (GDP) and per capitas income.
  • Entrepreneurs encourage effective mobilization of skill, bring in new products and services and develop market for the growth of the economy
  • Entrepreneurs enable the people to avail better quality goods at lower prices which results in the improvement of their standard of living.
  • Entrepreneurs promote development of Industries. They help to remove regional disparities by industialising rural and backward areas.
  • Entrepreneurs contribute towards the development of society by reducing concentration of income and wealth.
  • Entrepreneurs promote country‟s export trade.
  • Entrepreneurs work in an environment of changing technology and try to maximise profits by innovations.

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