FOREIGN POLICY OF INDIA-10th Standard Social Science Notes


Political Science


I Choose the Correct Answer from the following alternatives

1. Identify the appropriate objective of Indian foreign policy

a)Non-aggression b)Mutual assistance and equality c)Peaceful co-existence d)NationalSecurity

2. The Panchasheela treaty has been signed between

a)India and Pakistan b)India and China c)India and Sri Lanka d)India and Nepal

3. Ill treating of one race by another race as unequals refers to

a)Colonialism b)Disarmament c)Racial discrimination d)Non-alignment

4. Who was called as the “African Gandhi‟?

a)Nelson Mandela b) Mahatma Gandhi c) Martin Luther king J d) Abraham Lincoln

5. Which Article of Indian Constitution directs to adopt foreign policy?

a)Article 50 b)Article 52 c)Article 51 d)Article 53

6. Which Minister plays vital role in moulding foreign policy of our country?

a)Defense minister b) Prime minister  c)External affairs minister d) Home minister

7. Which Prime Minister of India who first took charge of India‟s Foreign Affairs


a)Jawaharlal Nehru b)Deva Gowda c)Indira Gandhi d)Lal Bahadur Shastri

8. This world is cruel. We wanted to raise the flag of peace everything. But we the

innocents have been deceived. Is said by

a)Dr.Manmohan singh b) Indira Gandhi c)Atal Bihari Vajapayee d) Jawaharlal Nehru

9. SAARC came into existence on

a)8th December 1986 b) 8th December 1985  c)8th November 1985 d) 8th November 1984

II. Fill in the Blanks

1. In our world family there are about 200 Nations exists.

2. A sovereign country is one which has internal and external relationship.

3. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru explained the features of Indian foreign policy in his radio speech on 7th September 1946

4. Panchasheela is signed between Chou-en-lai of China and Jawaharlal Nehru of India in June 1954.

5. During the Prime Minister of Atal Bihari Vajapayee India‟s relationship with Pakistan was improved in basis of Non-alignment.

6. Nelson Mandela who was called as African Gandhi

7. Foreign Affairs Ministry plays vital role in moulding foreign policy of our country.

8. Foreign policy of India been specially designed by Jawaharlal Nehru

9. The policy of not joining any bloc of the world is called as Non-Alignment

III. Match the following :-

1. Jawaharlal Nehru a) anti-colonial policy b

2. Chou-en-lai b) India‟s foreign policy d

3. Nelson Mandela c) cold war e

4. USA versus USSR d) China c

5. Delhi & Bandung e) African national congress a


IV. Answer the following Questions.

1. What is meant by Foreign policy?

The policy adopted by a nation while dealing with other nations is called foreign policy.

2. How Foreign policy is helpful for national progress?

Any country can witness its national progress with regard to its natural resources, intellectual, technical capacity industrial potentiality and its population, only through proper foreign policy. And its external relationship with other country. Other ways a country‟s National progress would be very limited. We cannot measure a countries National progress without its relationship with other countries of the world.

3. What are the objectives of the foreign policy of India?

  • National Security.
  • National economic progress.
  • Spreading Indian cultural values in abroad.
  • Increasing the number of friendly nations.
  • Achieving world peace and enable every nation to co-exist.

4. Why is India against Colonialism?

India advocates a foreign policy which is against colonialism. India fought and gets freedom against colonialism.

5. What are principles of Panchasheela?

  • Mutual respect for National integrity and sovereignty.
  • Non – aggression
  • Non Interference in internal affairs.
  • Mutual assistance and equality.
  • Peaceful co – existence.

6. Why is India championing the cause of Disarmament as very important for the present day world?

As a peace loving nation India champions the cause of qualitative and quantitative disarmament Right from the time of Prime Minister Nehru, India argued for disarmament to maintain peaceful co-operation. Of course, total disarmament  cannot be achieved because every nation requires her own defense forces. Still, India upholds the policy of world peace and mutual co-existance.

V. Extra Questions and Answers :-

1. How do you say that India is an influential country in the world?

India is a very influential country in the world with vast population, abundant natural resources, intellectual and technical capacity, industrial potentiality strong defense forces etc. India is one of the nations which has a strong and specific foreign policy.

2. Define Sovereign country.

A sovereign country is one which has both internal and external relationship.

3. Name the factors which influence our foreign policy.

Our policy has been influenced by many factors. National interest, graphical aspects, political situation, Economic system, Defense Capability, international circumstances etc., are the factors which influence the formation of our foreign policy.

4. What is Non Alignment?

  • After II World war, the entire world was divided into two blocs.
  • Democratic bloc formed a group under the leadership of the United States of America.
  • And Communist bloc under the leadership of Soviet Russia.
  • As a result cold war started among these two groups.
  • But there are few countries including India which did not join either of the groups under the banner of Non – Alignment.

5. What is Colonialism?

Colonialism means the occupation of one nation by another and using the former for the selfish purpose of the latter.

6. What is Apartheid?

Apartheid means racial discrimination and ill treating of one race by another race as un equals.

7. What is Disarmament?

Disarmament means eliminating all or specific arms and ammunitions gradually.

VI. Points to Remember:

1. There are about 200 nations in the world.

2. SAARC came into existence on 8th December 1985.

3. Cold war also know as war on nervous or ideological war.

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