INDIA – OUR MOTHERLAND-10th Standard Social Science Notes




Key Points

Direction – North Eastern Hemisphere.

Position – 80.4' North to 370 .6' North latitude.

                  680.7' East to 970.25' East longitude

Area – 32, 87,263

North to South – 3,214 km.

East to West – 2,933km.

Indian Standard Time – 82 ½o E Longitude (Allahabad, UP).

Latitude – 23 ½o N Latitude (Tropic of Cancer).

Tropic of Cancer _ Divides India in to two equal halves.

Capital City – Delhi.

State 28.

Union Territories – 6.

Southern most point – Indira Point in Andaman Islands.

I Choose the Correct Answer from the following alternatives

1. India is a

a)Peninsula b)Island c)Plateau d)Plain

2. India is located in Asia.

a)Southwest b)Southeast c)Northeast d)Northwest

3. The name India has been derived from river

a)Indus b)Ganga c)Sutlej d)Yamuna

4. India Occupies about of the worlds total area

a)2.4% b)2.8% c)2.2% d)2.6%

5. The Capital of India is

a) Lucknow b) Bangalore c) New Delhi d) Hyderabad

6. The Indian Standard Time is Based on

a) 23½ North Latitude. b) 120South Latitude

c) 880 East Longitude d) 82½0East Longitude

7. 82½ East Longitude Which Passes Near is the Central Meridian of India

a) Allahabad b) Ahmadabad c) Gorakhpur d) Kolkata

8. India Occupies 2.4 Percent of the total area of the world and is the largest Country.

a) 2nd b) 5th c) 7th d) 10th

II. Fill in the blanks with suitable words:

1. The name „India‟ is derived from the river Indus.

2. The total area of India is 32,87,263 sq.kms.

3. In the central part of India 23 North latitude passed.

4. Sri Lanka country lies to the south of India.

5. India has a coastal line of 6100 kms.

6. India extends from 80.41 to 370 .61 in the North latitude.

7. India extends from 680.71 east to 970.251 East longitude.

8. Indian time is ahead of Greenwich mean time by about 5 hours and 30 minutes.

9. NCT means National Capital Territory.

10. Total population of India is (2011) 121 Crors.

11. India has about 17.5% of the worlds population

12. The boundary line between India and Pakistan is called “ Radcl iffe Line”.

13. The boundary line between India and China is called “McMa hon Line”.

14 The boundary line between India and Afghanistan is called “Durra nd Line”

15. India is divided into 28 states and 6 union territories.

III Match the followings:

1. Area of India - a)2933 Km b)32,87,263 sq. km

2. Land boundary of India - b)32,87,263 sq. km c)15,200Km

3. Coastal length of India- c)15,200Km e)6,100Km

4. East to West - d)3,214Km a)2933 Km

5. North to South - e)6,100Km d)3,214Km

IV Answer the following after discussing them in groups:

1. In which part of the Asian continent is India situated?

India is a peninsula located in South-East Asia.

2. In which hemisphere of the earth is India located?

The country is entirely in the northern hemisphere.

3. Which is the southern tip of mainland of India?

“Indira Point‟

4. Which is the southernmost point of main land of India?


5. Which is the important latitude passes through Central India?

The Tropic of Cancer or 23 1 ° North Latitude passes through Central part of India.

6. In which island is Indira Point located?

“Indira Point‟ in the Great Nicobar Islands located at 6°45I is the southernmost point.

7. Between which latitudes and longitudes does India extend?

India extends from

  • 80.4' North to 370 .6' North latitude.
  • 680.7' East to 970.25' East longitude

8. Name our neighboring countries

India shares land frontier with seven nations.

North - West Afghanistan and Pakistan

North China, Nepal and Bhutan;

East Myanmar (Burma) and Bangladesh.

South Sri Lanka

South – West Maldives

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