Kinds of Society-8th Standard Social Science Notes

Kinds of Society

1.Fill in the blanks with suitable words:

2.The members of the hunting society used ______weapons.

3.In Farming __________ is used for ploughing.

4.Division of tasks according to skills is called ________

Ans. 1. stone 2. Plough and animal 3. Division of labour

II. Answer the following questions:

1. What is meant by 'cattle-rearing society'?

Ans. The society which rears herds of cattle for its livelihood is a cattle-rearing society.

2. What do you mean by 'farming society'?

Ans. The society which depends on cultivation of vast areas of land for livelihood is called a farming society.

3.What is meant by 'industrial society"?

Ans. The society which depends on industries that manufacture products with the use of science and technology is called an industrial society.

4.What are the kinds of societies?

Ans. The different kinds of societies are

(1) Hunting and food gathering society (2) cattle rearing society

(3) Farming society (4) industrial society.

III. Answer the following questions in 4 - 5 sentences each:

5.Describe the life style in the hunting and food-gathering

Ans. The life style or features of hunting and food gathering society are as follows:

(1) It is the simplest, the oldest and it comprises of very small and not more than 40-50 people and scattered group of people. (2) They are nomads. They use weapons made of stone and hunt wild animals for food. They gather fruits, seeds, roots, vegetables, etc. (3) They do not have any desire to earn wealth. They share with one another whatever they get. (4) There are no categories of the rulers and the ruled here.

2. Mention the features of the cattle-rearing society.

Ans. Features of the cattle rearing society are as follows:

(1) They are comparatively big and consist of several hundreds to thousands of people.

(2) They are found usually on grasslands, hilly regions, deserts and areas not suitable for agriculture.

(3) In this society, the one who possesses the largest number of cattle becomes more powerful than the others. He is considered rich and becomes the leader of the group.

3. Explain the features of the farming society.

Ans. The features of the farming society are as follows:

(1) With the invention of the plough, the production of food too increased. It increased much more when animals were used to draw the plough.

(2) With the permanent settlement of people, villages took shape.

(3) Since increased food production was possible in the fields, it was not necessary for everyone to work there throughout the day. Therefore, majority of the people engaged themselves in other activities like art and culture.

4. Describe the features of the industrial society.

Ans. The features of the industrial society are as follows:

(1) New inventions transformed the society totally - the steam engine, internal combustion engine, electrical energy, nuclear energy and others have brought wide ranging social and economic transformation.

(2) Many people Migrate to cities where industries are established. Therefore, the population in cities increases.

(3) Division of labour is seen in all aspects of work.

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