LAND RESOURCES OF KARNATAKA-9th Standard Social Science Notes



I. Fill in the blanks:

1. Utilising land for different purposes is called _________

2. _________ district has the largest set sown area.

3. Sourghum vulgare is the scientific name of the_________ crop.

4. The district is the largest producer of sugarcane in Karnataka is _________

5. Tobacco contains an intoxicating substance called _________

Ans. (1) utilization of land (2) Gulbarga (3) Jowar (4) Mandya (5) Nicotine

II. Discuss in groups and answer the following questions:

1. Name the different types of land utilization in Karnataka.

Ans. (i) Net sown area, (ii) Forest area, (iii) Land not available for cultivation, (iv) Other uncultivated land, (v) Fallow land.

2. Write a note on the importance of agriculture in Karnataka.

Ans. Agriculture is the backbone of our state's economy. The importance of agriculture is as follows:

(i) It provides employment to people.

(ii) it also provides food for the people and raw material to industries.

(iii) It is a source of revenue to the state, and earns foreign exchange. Coffee, silk, spices, tobacco, cotton etc. are the agricultural products which are exported.

(iv) Agriculture helps in the development of tertiary occupations like transport, banking, insurance etc.

(v) It plays an important role in the political and social system of the state.

3. What is meant by 'irrigation'? Name the crops grown under irrigation.

Ans. Crops grown by irrigation sources of canals, tanks or wells is called "irrigation'. Paddy and sugarcane are the main crops grown under this fanning.

4. Explain the main characteristics of 'mixed farming'?

Ans. In addition to growing crops, dairy farming, silkworm rearing, sheep rearing, poultry, bee-keeping, fishery etc. are taken up in the same land. This called mixed farming.

5. Mention the uses of ragi.

Ans. Ragi is a food grain with innumerable nutrients. Its botanical name is 'Eleusine Coracana'. Ragi balls, porridge, sprouted flour, malt, dosa etc. are made from ragi. In Karnataka it is the third most important food grain after paddy and jowar. It is available at fewer prices. The stalks of the ragi plant are used as fodder for cattle. Ragi can be preserved for many months.

III. Match the following:


1 Coffee (a) Mixed farming

2 Cotton (b) Beverage crop

3. Sugarcane (c) Tobacco

4. Nippani (d) Fibreus crop

5. Sheep-rearing (e) Plantation crop

(f) Commercial crop

Ans:- I - (b); 2 - (d); 3 - (f); 4 - (c); 5 - (a)


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