MAJOR INDUSTRIES OF INDIA-10th Standard Social Science Notes




I Fill in the blanks with suitable words:

1. Bengal iron company of west Bengal was located in Kulti.

2. Manufacturing of cloth from various kinds of fibres is called Textile industry.

3. The important raw material for the sugar industry is sugarcane.

4. The first paper industry of India was located on bank of Hoogly river.

II. Match the following:

1. Mumbai a. Silicon city C

2. Bengaluru b. Sugar industries A

3. Bhadravathi c. Manchester of India D

4. Belgaum district d. Vishveshwarayya Iron and Steel Industry B

-----------------------e. Bio-technology

III Answer the following after discussing them in groups:

1. Make a list of industrial zones.

There are 8 main industrial zones in the country. They are:

1. Hoogly Region

2. Mumbai-Pune Region

3. Ahmedabad-Vadodar Region

4. Damodar Valley Industrial Region

5. Southern Industrial Region

6. National Capital Region

7. Vishakapatnam – Guntur Region

8. Kollam – Thiruvananthapuram Region.

2. Which are the places of Iron and steel industry?

The major iron and steel industries in India are:

1. Tata Iron and Steel Plant- TISCO – at Jamshedpur of Jharkhand.

2. Indian Iron and Steel Company – IISCO – Berhampur, West Bengal

3. Visweswarayya Iron and Steel Company – VISCO – at Bhadravathi, Karnataka

4. Iron and Steel Company at Bhilai, Chattisgarh

5. Iron and Steel Company at Rourkela, Orissa

6. Iron and Steel Company at Durgapur, West Bengal

7. Iron and Steel Company at Bokaro, Jharkhand

8. Iron and Steel Company at Salem, Tamil Nadu

9. Iron and Steel Company at Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

3. Sugar industries are concentrated on the Ganga river plain. Why?

Maximum number of sugar industries are located in the Ganga river plain region is most suitable for growing sugarcane which is the main raw material for Sugar industries.

4. What are the factors influencing the location of an industry?

Industries are concentrated mainly in the areas of advantages. Availability of raw materials, energy resources, market, transport facility, availability of abour, port facility etc are influenced on the location of industries. Besides, the location of industries is also influenced by the land availability at low cost, technology and government policies. In addition, factors influencing the location of industries vary from one type of industry to another.

5. What are the raw materials used in paper industry?

The raw materials for the paper industry are bamboo obtained from the forests, wood pulp and grass.

6. Explain the distribution of cotton textile industries in India.

Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh have maximum number of cotton textiles industries. Mumbai of Maharashtra has highest cotton mills and hence, it is called the „Manchester of india‟ (Manchester is Britain‟s main textile industry centre), „Cottonopolis‟ of India. In addition, Nagpur, Sholapur, Kolkata of West Bengal, Kanpur of Uttar Pradesh, Indore of Madhya Pradesh, Surat of Gujarat, Coimbatore, Salem and Chennai of Tamil Nadu, Bangalore and Davangere of Karnataka have cotton textile industries.

7. What are the effects of biotechnology on agriculture?

Through the procedure of grafting in plants and animals and by the use of new seeds, medicines, fertilizers, organic fertilizers, developed hybrid seeds soya beans, maize, cotton etc. have been developed. Recently times, plant biotechnology, environment, bio- diversity and medical biotechnology are also being used. Many states in India have developed biotechnology. Among them, Uttar Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, West Bengal, Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat and Karnataka are prominent.

8. What are the changes resulting from the use of advanced technology?

Advanced Technology Attachment in 1990. As a result of this, advanced technology is used in telephone, internet communication, defence department, weapons and nuclear bombs, satellite launching, Lunar projects lke chandrayana, transparen city in administration in government offices (eg: Nemmadi, Aadhar etc.), development of global economic system, educational, social and economic affairs and elections.

9. Mention the different types of Industries.

1. Agriculture-based industries

2. Mineral-based industries

3. Forest-based industries

4. Chemical industries

Key points:

Iron & Steel → 1870 → Kulti

Cotton and Textile → 1854 → Mumbai- Bharauch

Paper → 1840 → Serampur

Software Technology parks (STP) → 1991

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