MAN AND CULTURE-8th Standard Social Science Notes


I. Fill in the blanks with suitable words:

1. Culture means __________

2. Conventions are activities ___________

3. We get to see unity ________ in India.

Ans: 1. good behaviour 2. We engage in again and again in our daily lives. 3. in diversity.

II. Answer the following questions briefly:

1. What is culture?

Ans. Culture is that complex system involving knowledge, the arts, morality, law, customs, abilities and talents that we learn being members of society.

2. Give examples of cultural diversity in your environment.

Ans. Bangalore is one of the best examples of cultural diversity. We get to see people dressed in various kinds of clothes, people belonging to different races and people conversing in different languages.

1.What are customs and traditions?

Ans. Culture is made up of beliefs, values, rules, social conventions and morals. These can be collectively being called customs and traditions.

4. Give examples for customs and traditions.

Ans. Conventions and moral codes are a part of customs and

III. Answer the following questions in 4 - 5 sentences each.

1. Give an example of a convention.

Ans. Conventions are the activities we engage in again and again in our daily lives. We engage in eating, sleeping, greeting and other similar activities according to the prevailing conventions without giving much thought to them. These activities are inseparable parts of culture. For example, we do not ask our teacher everyday how we have to sit down, to eat or sit in the class; we would have learnt them just through practice of conventions. Conventions enable us to do our daily duties without any hesitation.

1. Explain cultural diversity.

Ans. There cannot be same kind of culture in any society. There will be different cultures depending on the religions and life styles followed by the people. Even when cultures vary, they can influence one another deeply. For instance, the chudidaar worn by women is a kind of dress which has come from Moghuls to us. In the same manner, the trousers and shirts that we wear, the English language that we speak come to us from the British. In India, we get to see a pluralistic culture consisting of hundreds of tribes, thousands of castes, many races and hundreds of languages. That is why India is said to have unity in diversity.

2. Describe the various aspects of culture.

Ans. Culture is shaped by the geographical features, traditions and needs of that particular society. That is why we cannot call one culture good and another bad. Culture is transmitted from one generation to another. Culture is subject to change constantly. As we can observe, the style of dressing, hairstyles, food habits have changed a lot over the past ten years. Thus the culture of one society differs from that of another society.

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