MAN AND SOCIETY-8th Standard Social Science Notes


I. Fill up the blanks:

1. Man is a __________animal.

1. Formal education is provided by the _________

2. The father of Sociology is ____________

4. Man to become a human being _________ is necessary.

2. Human beings express their feelings through _______

Ans: 1. Social 2. School 3. Auguste Comte

4. Socialization 5. Gestures and Language.

II. Answer in 2 - 3 sentences each:

1. How is man a social being?

Ans. Man is a social being. He desires to live with others around him. Society is necessary for man's existence. That is the reason human society has been called a web of social relations and man is a social being.

3. What is socialization?

Ans. If we have to become members of the society, we have to live amidst society. lf we do not live among people, we will not be able to learn language, study, play games, experience a thought process or the body language that we have learnt now. This process of learning is called socialization.

4. Describe Kamala, the one who was found in Midnapore.

Ans. Kamala, a girl who was found in Midnapore in 1920, had spent 9 years among the animals in the forest. She used to walk on all four legs like an animal and ate raw flesh.

1. Name the early sociologists?

Ans. Auguste Comte, the father of sociology. Herbert Spencer was the British sociologist.

II. Answer in 4-5 sentences each:

1. Explain man is social being.

Ans. The relationship between man and society is unique. There is neither society without man, nor man without society. That is the reason many sociologists are of the opinion that man is the creation of society and society that of man. Man is a social animal. He desires to live with others around him. Society is necessary for the development of all of us, because social relationships are necessary for man's existence. That is the reason human societies have been called a web of social relationships, and man a social being.

2. Explain the relationship between human beings and

Ans. Our languages have words such as father, mother, brother, sister, etc., including relations between human beings. Thus language is needed to understand specific relationships and feelings perfectly. Just imagine how the world would be without language. There would be no textbooks, schools, mass media or civilization. Human society would be just like animal society. While studying society language is treated as a very important aspect of the society.

3. What are the differences between human society and
animal society?

Ans. The major differences between human society and animal society are as follows:

(a) The human brain is well-developed. It is due to
development of this brain, its perception and creativity
that we see as civilized human society. But animals’ lives
are limited to indulgence in food, fear and pleasure.

(b) Man knows languages, whereas animals do not. If there
was no development of language in the world, then human society would have been just like animal society.

4. What does sociology deal with?

Ans:- Sociology deals with human society. Among all living beings on earth, it is only human beings who have complete awareness about the existence. They contemplate over their goal, and purpose in life. It is due to this that innumerable questions arise in man's mind. Why man is called a social being? Is man God's creation? Why are there differences between groups? Why does society undergo constant change? In order to find answers to such questions, and to study human society in a scientific manner, sociology was originated.

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