Mauryas and Kushans-8th Standard Social Science Notes


Mauryas and Kushans

I Complete the following sentences by using suitable

words in the blanks:

1. Chanakya came to be known as________

2. The Capital of the Mauryas was _______

3. The founder of the Kushan dynasty was _________

4. The new era of Kanishka's reign is called the_____

Ans:- 1- Kautilya 2 – Magadha 3- Kujalakadaphisus 4- Saka

II. Answer to the following questions in brief:

1. Name the important cities during Asoka's period.

Ans:- Pataliputra, Taxila, Ujjain, Kalinga and Suvarnagiri are the some important cities of Ashoka’s period.

2. Describe Asoka's administration.

Ans: Asoka carried on the administration of his vast kingdom from different centers. His aspirations were expressed through edicts on rocks and stone pillars. The government had adopted various measures to improve agriculture. Special tax concessions were given towards this end. There were many officials to carry on the administration of the vast empire. A permanent army was also found. Land tax was the main source of income. Spies kept the king informed. There were vast developments in trade and agriculture also.

3. Which dynasty did the Kushans belong to?

Ans: Kushan dynasty belongs to the progeny of Yuchi, a nomadic tribe from Central Asia.

4. What was the extent of Kanishka's empire?

Ans: Kanishka's rule had spread up to Sanchi in the south and Benaras in the east. His kingdom, which included Central Asia too, was a vast empire.


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