MINERAL RESOURCES-9th Standard Social Science Notes



I. Fill in the blanks:

1. ___________ore is available at Kudremukh.

2. The best-quality iron ore is -------

3. Sandur in Bellary district has ------ mines.

4. _____________ metal is produced from bauxite ore.

5. The deepest gold mine is ------

Ans, (1) Iron; (2) magnetite; (3) Iron ore; (4) aluminium; (5) Champion Reef;

II. Discuss in groups and answer the following questions:

1. Why is Karnataka called the 'Land of Gold'?

Ans. Karnataka occupies the first position in the production of gold in India. It produces 80 of the total gold in India. Hence Karnataka is known as the Land of Gold. Gold is being produced in Karnataka from ancient times.

2. Which are the important minerals available in Karnataka?

Ans. Karnataka has rich and varied mineral resources. Among them, iron ore, gold, manganese, lime stone, copper, bauxite, chromite’s, mica, asbestos and granite are important.

3. Which is the ore used as an alloy?

Ans. Manganese is used as an alloy in the manufacture of steel to increase its hardness.

4. Name the places in Karnataka where iron ore is available.

Ans. Iron ore is mainly distributed in the districts of BeIlary, Chikmaglur, Bagalkot, Chitradurga, Tumkur, Shimoga, Dakshina kannada, Uttar Kannada and Gadag. Bellary has rich deposits and they are mainly found in Hospet and Sandur areas. Iron ore is being extracted, at Donimalai, Vibhutigudda, BeLagala, Kumaraswamy Hills, Timmappana Gudi, Devadri Range and Ramadurga Hills.

5. Which district is an important producer of bauxite?

Ans. Belgaum is the leading district in the production of bauxite.

6. Name the important gold mines of Karnataka.

Ans. The important gold mines of Karnataka are Hatti in Raichur district is the biggest gold mine in India. Lot of gold is being produced here. It is produced in Bellara in Tumkur district and Ajjanahalli near Shira. Other places with gold deposits are Mulgund and Kappatagudda in Gadag district, Kempinakote in Hassan District etc.

III. Match the following:

A                    B

1. Supa (a) Manganese

2. Hatti (b) Bauxite

3. Kumsi (c) Limestone

4. Khanapur (d) Irone ore

(e) Glod mine

Ans. 1-(a); 2 (e); 3 (d); 4 - (b).


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