Most Important One Mark Questions In 10th Standard Social Science

 1. Why did Indian historians opt for oral sources?

2. What made the Khalsa soldiers to rebel against the British?

3. Which European Nation ruled for a longer duration over a part of India?

4. Which is the programme implemented by the Government of

a. Karnataka for the development of rural women?

5. Who coined the term ‘United Nations’ for the first time ?

6. What is meant by Social Stratification ?

7. Who are child labourers?

8. In which season does Tamil Nadu not receive rainfall even though rest of India receives?

9. Which type of soil is found in the Deccan Trap area ?

10. Recently the water storage capacity of our reservoirs is reducing. Why ?

11. What is subsistence farming?

12. Who has been called ‘the Pioneer of Green Revolution’ in India?

13. What are Direct Taxes?

14. An Entrepreneur is a wealth of the country. How

15. Indians had given much importance to folk history. Why ?

16. Why did Swami Vivekananda establish Ramakrishna Mission ?

17. Russians rose in rebellion in 1905 against the Tsars. Why ?

18. How does racial discrimination adversely affect world peace and peaceful co-existence?

19. Who fought against the racial discrimination in Africa?

20. Why was the Equal Wages Act passed?

21. Why was the „Rehabilitation Welfare Fund of Child Labourers‟ launched?

22. In North India, temperature will be high during summer season. Why?

23. How can be fallow land utilized for agriculture

24. Indian farmers sow seeds in the month of June or July and get yields in October. Why?

25. What is the cause for landslide in mining area ?

26. Who presents the Central Government budget in the Lok Sabha ?

27. Which bank is called as „Bankers‟ Bank‟ ?

28. India had not much written history. Why ?

29. The Government of India Act of 1935 became an important document in independent India. Why ?

30. Dayanand Saraswati called the people to “Return to the Vedas” Why?

31. What is communalism?

32. Why should we purchase UNICEF cards ?

33. What is mandatory if an industrialist violates Child Labour Prohibition Act?

34. Why is finding gender of foetus illegal?

35. What is mixed farming?

36. Wheat is the most important Rabi crop of the North-Western states. Why ?

37. Why is petroleum called liquid gold?

38. Define Industrial zones.

39. Define Women Empowerment.

40. How is per capita income derived?

41. Who is known as the Father of White Revolution?

Probable questions of One marks/ MCQ

42. Which river is called sorrow of Bengal?

43. Which institution is called mother of all banks?

44. Who quoted that ‘untouchability is stigma on Hindu society’?

45. Name the lowest rainfall region of India.

46. Define women empowerment.

47. What is folk history?

48. How is kalachakra defined?

49. Which act was responsible for the abolition of Dual Government?

50. What is the purpose of ‘Sthree Shakthi’?

51. Name the two largest democratic nations of the world.

52. How do you define ‘prejudice’?

53. Why does the temperature decline in north India during October?

54. What is multi-purpose river valley project?

55. How is per-capita income calculated?

56. Where do we find red soil.

57. What is soil conservation?

58. What is economic planning?

59. Why was Prarthana samaj started?

60. What is Premium?

61. Name any two national parks of South India.

62. Ganga basin is called Sunderbans. Why?

63. What is national income?

64. Define social justice.

65. Why was national development council started?

66. What is recurring deposit account?

67. What is dual government? Who introduced it?

68. How did Arcot fall in the hands of Robert Clive?

69. Who granted the permission to the Birtish East India Company to trade on the bank of river Hoogly in Kolkata?

70. With which treaty the 1st and 2nd Anglo Mysore War came to an end?

71. What is kalachakra?

72. Define Yuga?

73. Mention the four yuga?

74. What is oral history?

75. What is folk history?

76. Define simple linear model history?

77. Name the freedom fighters of Kodagu region.

78. Name the ruler who stepped out of India for the first time.

79. Name the leader of the farmer who freed Kodagu from the rule of British for the period of 13days.

80. Whose period in the history of Wodeyar is defined as “Ramarajya”?

81. Name the Tiger of Mysore.

82. Name the first governor general of India.

83. In which act religion based election was introduced.

84. Name the 2 legislative houses introduced in 1919 government of India act.

85. Why 1935 government of India act is important act?

86. Who introduced Ryotwari System and where?

87. Who introduced Mhalvari system and where?

88. Who made Zamindari System a permanent revenue system?

89. Who was ostracized for anti British writing from India?

90. Name the 1st newspaper of India.

91. Name the 1st newspaper of India published by Indian.

92. Who edited the newspaper Somaprakash?

93. Name the 1st Kannada newspaper. Who was its editor?

94. Name the other 2 Kannada newspapers. Which were contemporary during the British period?

95. Between which 2 places the first railway line was inaugurated.

96. Who introduced western system of education in India and on whose advice it was introduced?

97. What is the impact of British rule on administration?

98. Who started Brahma Samaj?

99. Rajaram Mohan Roy is called “father of Indian Renaissance”. Why?

100. What did Swami Dayananad Saraswathi advocate ?

101. What is purification ceremony?

102. What was the aim of establishing Prathana Samaj?

103. Who advocated universal education?

104. Name the followers of Jyotiba Phule?

105. Why was Aligarh movement started?

106. Why was theosophical society started?

107. Define communalism?

108. What is regionalishm?

109. What is corruption?

110. Name the practices involved in corruptions?

111. What is poverty?

112. Define smuggling?

113. In which section the need of foreign policy for India is tressed?

114. Between whom the Panchasheela was signed and when?

115. What is colonialism?

116. Define racisms/apartheid?

117. Between which nations the 20 years friendship treaty signed?

118. Where were the iron and steel industry established with the support of Russia?

119. Mention the problems that caused unrest between India and china what are the problems we are facing with Pakistan?

120. What is social stratification?

121. What is prejudice?

122. What are the effects of prejudice on social stratification?

123. Write the statement given by Pampa?

124. What is untouchability?

125. Which section of the constitution prohibits untouchability?

126. What is opinion of Gandhi on untouchability?

127. Define paid work and unpaid work?

128. What is unemployment?

129. What is mob?

130. Mention the characteristics of mob?

131. What is riot?

132. Who are responsible for riot?

133. How can we control Riot?

134. Mention the leader of Chipko movement?

135. Where was silent valley movement taken place? Who lead the movement?

136. What is women empowerment?

137. Mention the mountain passes of Himadri?

138. Mention any three dunes?

139. The north Indian is called composite plain. Why?

140. Where do the Western and Eastern Ghats meet at?

141. How are Andaman and Nicobar Islands formed?

142. How did Lakshadweep island formed?

143. Name the two lagoons of the Eastern Coastal region.

144. Which factor decides the climate of India?

145. Name the rainfall zones of India.

146. Mention the types of soil.

147. How is black soil made up of?

148. Which crops are grown in regur soil.

149. What is soil conservation?

150. Mention any two national parks of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarath.

151. Why is rain harvesting necessary?

152. What is recharging?

153. What is economic planning?

154. What is insurance?

155. Define premium and policy.

156. What is banking?

157. From which language the word bank is derived from?

158. What is economic fluctuation?

159. What is economic stability?

160. Why was D.M Nanjundappa commission appointed?

161. Why was Planning commission set up?

162. What do these article say about – Article 51 a. 24 and section 17?

163. Which are the problems we are facing with China today?

164. Which are the problems we are facing with Pakisthan today?

165. Which are the problems we are facing with Bangladesh today?

166. How is laterite soil formed? Where do you find it today in India?

167. Name the highest peak of India.

168. Mention the eastern and western ports of India.

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