RELIGIOUS REFORMERS OF INDIA-9th Standard Social Science Notes



l. Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

1. Shankara was born at___________ in Kerala.

2. _____________ declared that the world is an illusion, Brahma alone is the Truth.

3. Ramanujacharya's disciples are called ___________

4. Proponent of Dwaita philosophy is ___________

Ans: (1) Kalati, (2) Shankaracharya, (3) Shrivaishnavites, (4) Madhwacharya.

II. Answer the following questions by discussing with your group.

1. Who is the proponent of Advaita philosophy'?

Ans: Shanksracharya is the proponent of Advaita philosophy

2. Which is the philosophy advocated by Ramanujacharya? What is their sect called?

Ans: Vishitadvaita is the philosophy advocated by Ramanujacharya. Their sect is called Shrivaisnavites.

3. Name the books written by Ramanujacharya.

Ans: Ramanujacharya wrote Vcdanta Samgraha, Vedanta Deepika, Shribhasya and Gita.

4. Which are the tenets advocated by Madhwacharya?

Ans: Madhwacharya said that the world is not maya or illusion. It is as true as Paramatma or the Divine Soul. Between these, the divine soul and the human soul have a lord and servant relation. Lord Vishnu or Narayana alone is supreme. Worship of Lord Vishnu can elevate the human soul and thus enable it to attain Moksha.

5. Write a note on the 'Work is Worship' philosophy of Basavanna.

Ans: Basavanna declared that 'Work is worship'. He preached that Shivasharana should not indulge in caste discrimination. Pure devotion is the true way of reaching Lord Shiva. Everyone should work and earn his living. He preached dignity of labour. He advocated the work policy for the development of society. His aim was to inspire people to develop the habit of working.

6. Who established Anubhava Mantapa? What are its objectives?

Ans: Basavanna established Anubhava Mantapa, a Sharana spiritual institution at Basavakalyana in Bidar district. The objectives are to discuss social, economic and religious problems without discriminating between castes or gender. The idea emerging from his discussions were made to reach the communities through Vachanas.

7. Name the books written by Shankaracharya.

Ans: The books written by Shankaracharya are - Shankarabhasya, Anandalahari, Soundaryalahari, Shivanandalahari, Vivekachoodamani, Prabuddasudakara, Dakshinamurthy Strota. His hymn Bhajagovindam is world famous.


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