SECTORS OF INDIAN ECONOMY-9th Standard Social Science Notes



I. Fill in the blanks with suitable words

1. _______________ is the main occupation of India.

2. Health and Education come under _______________ sector.

3. The total Geographical land of Karnataka is __________

4. SBM was established by __________ 1913.

5. Manufacturing activities are belongs to __________

6. The coastline area of Karnataka is __________

7. To expand higher education Karnataka government has established __________ commission.

8. New Economic Policy was introduced in __________

Ans: (1) Agriculture; (2) tertiary; (3) 191,791 sq. kms; (4) Secondary sector (5) Secondary Sector; (6) 320 kms; (7) Karnataka knowledge; (8) 1991

II. Answer the following questions.

1. Define primary sector.

Ans: The primary sector includes agriculture and its allied activities
like sericulture, Horticulture, Animal husbandry, poultry, Fishery, floriculture etc. which provide raw materials to agro based industries.

2. State the different sectors of Indian economy.

Ans: Based on the economic activities, the Indian economy has been classified into three sectors namely-(i) Primary Sector, (ii) Secondary Sector and (iii) Tertiary Sector.

3. Explain the importance of Industrial sector.

Ans: Industrial sector strengthens the economy as,
(i) it brings higher income to the nation.

(ii) it provides employment to the people.

(iii) it improves the standard of life of the people.

(iv) it helps to modernize the agriculture by providing modem machinery, tractors, fertilizers etc.

(v) it reduces the pressure on agriculture by as is distributing the population to towns and cities.

(vi) it helps to earn more foreign exchange.

(vii)industrial regions develop as centres of trade, education, transport, banking etc.

4. Which places of India are called as cradle of Banking?

Ans: Dakshina Kannada and Udupi are called the cradles of banking industry.

5. What is Education according to Gandhiji?

Ans: According to Gandhiji 'Education brings all round development in personality of the child'.

6. State the group of Industries.

Ans: The industries can be classified into three groups namely

(i) agro based industries,

(ii) Forest based industries and

(iii) Mineral based industries.

7. List the important Irrigation projects of Karnataka.

Ans: There are many major and minor irrigation projects in Karnataka. Some of them are -Ghataprabha, Malaprabha, Narayanapura, Alamatti dam, Tunga, Bhadra, Tungabhadra, Hemavathi, Harangi, Krishnaraja Sagar.

8. What is Health according to W.H.O.?

Ans: According to World Health Organization, Health refers to the person, who is free from physical, mental, social and intellectual disorder.


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