I. Fill in the blanks with suitable words :

1. The process of evolution of man as a social being is called __________

2. Mother is the child's first ____________

3. The tender minds of children blossom through _________

Ans: (1) socialization; (2) teacher; (3) socialization

II. Discuss in group and answer the following questions:

1. Explain the role of peers in socialization.

Ans: Peers, playmates and friends form a very important factor of socialization. This relationship is based on co-operation and mutual adjustment. They are mostly of the same age. As a result, the child learns from its peers what it cannot learn from its parents and teachers. This kind of knowledge is important from the view point of society.

2. What are the values a child learns in a family atmosphere?

Ans: The role of the family is very important in a child's socialization. The mother is the first teacher to a child and the family is the first school. The child learns its first lesson in love, affection, trust, patience, kindness, Co-operation and other values at home. The praise of its parents stimulates and encourages its activities. When it makes a mistake, punishment by parents brings it back onto the right path A Child learns obedience by being obedient to his family members. It is influenced by the intimacy with its parents. The minds of the children which are like lids, blossom fresh and fragrant under the influence of socialization.

3. What is the role of religion in socialization?

Ans: Religion plays an important role in socialization. Religion provides a foundation of ideals to social life. It preaches life of morality. Children observe parents, elders and relatives visiting places of worship. They participate in poojas, festivals, fair and other religious celebrations. They learn religious practices. Through these, they develop an interest in social service, charity etc. and enable social welfare.

4. Write a paragraph on the importance of socialization.

Ans: Man is a social animal. When a baby is born it is just like any other animal. It evolves into a social being over a period of time. This process of taking birth and slowly evolving into a social individual is known as socialization. Socialization is universal. It goes on throughout a person's lifetime. The instinct that is in inborn baby and the culture around him/her influence it immensely. That utilizes the natural capability for learning in a suitable manner. He attempts to adjust to his environment and situations and live in a harmonious manner. He tries to follows the cultural aspects of his society like the prevailing traditions, customs and moral principles. He
assimilates them in his social behaviour, All this is enabled through socialization. Hence, socialization is a unique feature of man. Learning culture is the result of what is learnt through socialization.

5. Explain the role of the school in the process of socialization.

Ans: The school occupies an important place in the process of socialization of the child. The child gets influenced by its teachers and friends in addition to the influence of education. Through education, the child's behaviour, knowledge, morality and attitude are shaped. The child's innate abilities and talents get exposure. By expanding the horizon of life, education prepares the children for the future. The role of teachers plays a very significant in the social development of the child. At that age, they are more influenced by their teachers. The good behaviour; noble thinking
and sense of equality expressed in the teachers' behaviour make the children imbibe love, trust, patience, kind heartedness and other values of life. Teachers should encourage children take art in extra-curricular and creative activities. The syllabus
should include vocational training, sex education, spiritual education, physical education, life skills etc When the child learns these aspects, its socialization is complete.

6. How do the mass media play an important role in the modern society?/ media play a vital role in today's modern society.

Ans: Television, movies, newspapers, periodicals, dramas, radio and other media make use of literature on a large scale. Advertisements, radio programmes, stories, poems, novels, dramas, dance-dramas, music, posters quotations from great men, proverbs and words of wisdom influence children. The mass media can be used effectively through the news reports,, quiz programmes, introduction of great personalities, interviews, debates, travel reports and investigations. Programmes of educational importance have a direct beanng on the personality and good conduct of the child

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