Sources-8th Standard Social Science Notes



I Fill in the blanks:

1. The two kinds of literary sources are __________ and ______

2. Aswaghosha's literary source is ___________

3. The first inscription obtained in the Kannada language is ____

Ans: (1) native, foreign; (2) Buddha Charita; (3) Halmidi

II. Answer the following questions in brief:

1. What are sources?

Ans: Sources are the basic materials necessary for the construction of history. Sources give details of a particular age and help in understanding the past.

2. Give two examples for each of native and foreign

Ans: Native literature: example-

(a) Visakadatta's Mudrarakshasa,

(b) Kalhana's Rajatarangini,

(c) Aswagosha's Buddha Charita.

(d) Kautilya’s Arthashatra.

Foreign Literature: example-

(a) Megasthane’s Indica,

(b) Huientsang's Si-yu-ki,

(c) Fa-hien's Fu-Kho ki.

3. What are archaeological sources? Explain with examples.

Ans: Archaeological sources are the inscriptions, coins, monuments, pots and pans and other artifacts that have been obtained during archaeological excavations. They provide us information about religion, culture, economy, administration, technology and other aspects of that period. Eg. Inscriptions of Ashoka, coins and basadi, stupas of kings.


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