The Chalukyas of Badami and The Pallavas of Kanchi-8th Standard Social Science Notes

The Chalukyas of Badami and The Pallavas of Kanchi

I. Fill in the blanks:

1. The Pallava king who was defeated by Pulakeshi II is_____

2. The dynasty which gave the name Karnataka is ______

3. The writer of the Sanskrit drama Hara Parvatiya is_____

4. The Pallava king who earned the title Vatapikonda is_____

5. The painting The Meditation of Arjuna is in _______

Ans: I-Mahendravarma 2-Chalukyas 3- Shivabhattaraka

4- Narasimha Varma I 5- Mahabalipuram

II. Answer the following questions in brief.

1. How did Pulakeshi II extend his empire?

Ans: Pulakeshi II extended his empire by over powering the Gangas, Kadambas and Alupas. Since Mahendravanna did not accept, the sovereignty of Pulakeshi II, he defeated him. Harshavardhana, who was ruling in North India, advanced up to the banks of river Narmada. When he tried to cross the river to enter south, Pulakeshi II stopped him and forced him to get back. This victory earned him the title Dakshinapatheshwara, the lord of the Peninsula.

2. Describe the administrative system of the Chalukyas.

Ans: Chalukya kings was actively involved in administration. The kingdom was divided into districts called vishaya and, vishyadhipati looked after it. The village was the smallest unit of the administration. The village leaders looked after the village accounts.

3. The Chalukyas were lovers of literature, Explain with examples.

Ans: The Chalukyas patronized literature. Kannada and Sanskrit developed very well. The tripadi form of poetry came into existence. There are many inscriptions written in Kannada. One of the poems in the inscription Kappe Arabatta of Badami is in tripadi form. The Sanskrit scholars of this time are Ravikirti, Vijjika and Akalanka. Kaumudi Mahotsav, was written by Pulakeshi II's daughter-in-law, poetess Vijjika, and Hara Parvatiya of Shivabhattaraka are important Sanskrit dramas.

4. Name the Pallava kings who ruled from Kanchi.

Ans: Shivaskandavarma is the founder of this Pallava dynasty. Mahendravarma and Narasimhavarma are the famous kings and Aparajitha is the last king of this dynasty.

5. How did the Pallavas encourage Sanskrit and Tamil?

Ans: The Pallavas encouraged both Sanskrit and Tamil. Kanchi was the center of Sanskrit literature. Bharavi wrote Kiratharjuniya and Dandi wrote Dashakumara charithe. King Mahendravarma himself wrote a social drama, Matta Vilasa Prahasana and a book, Bhagavadujjuka.

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