THE GUPTAS AND VARDHANS-8th Standard Social Science Notes



I. Complete the following sentences by using suitable
words in the blanks.

1. The Guptas began their reign from the place _______

2. Chandragupta I was called _________

3. One of the great drama of Kalidasa is _______

4. Vishakudatta's literary work is _______

5. The literary work written by Sudraka is ______

6. The founder of Vardhana dynasty was __________

Ans:- 1-Magadha 2-Maharajadhiraja 3-Meghadoot

4-Mudrarakshasa 5 - Mricchakatika 6. Pushyabhuti

II. Answer ill brief the following questions:

1. Write about Chandragupta II

Ans: Chandragupta II expanded the kingdom of Samudragupta and brought stability. He defeated the Sakas and made Western India a part of the Gupta Empire. He developed relationships with many Indian royal families through marriage and became very influential. He earned the title Vikramaditya. His reign is memorable more for the encouragement given to literature and art, rather than for its battles.

2. What were the reasons for the downfall of the Gupta Empire?

Ans: The Gupta Empire was subjected to continual attacks of the Huns and thus, soon declined. The Guptas did not have fully equipped large army; the king's vassals would fulfill the requirements during times of war. Hence, the vassals had become very powerful.

3. Name the great scientists of the Gupta Age,

Ans: Varahamihira, Bhaskara, Aryabhata, Charaka and Sushruta are the scientist of Gupta Age.

4. How was the administration during the Vardhana rule?

Ans: The king's rule was assisted by the council of ministers. The bureaucracy consisted of the Mahasandhivigraha (the negotiator), Mahabaladhikruta (military general), Bhogapati (tax official) and Doota. The kingdom had been divided into provinces. Land tax was the major source of income for the kingdom. Feudatory chiefs paid tribute to the king. The king gave them land, grama and in return, got the help of their armies.


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