The Rashtrakutas of Manyakheta and The Chalukyas of Kalyanas-8th Standard Social Science Notes

The Rashtrakutas of Manyakheta and The Chalukyas of Kalyanas

I. Fill the blanks :

1. The founder of the Rashtrakuta dynasty was _

2. The Chalukya king of Kalyana who was responsible for the defeat of the Rashtrakutas was __________

3. The author of 'Kavirahasya' is

4. The famous poem written by Ponna is _________

5. The most famous king among the Kalyana Chalukyas was_____

6. The person who can be called 'the pioneer of the social

Revolution' is ______________

Ans: 1 - Dantidurga 2 - Tailapa II 3 - Halayudha

4 - Shantipurana 5 - Vikramaditya VI 6 -Basaveshwara

II. Answer the following questions:

1. How was the administrative system of the Rashtrakutas?

Ans: The kingdom of Rashtrakutas was divided into Rashtra, Vishaya, Nadu and Grama for the purpose of administration. The leader of the grama, gramapati was the leader of the village army too; He was assisted by the village accountant. There were Grama Sabhas also, An officer called Nadagavunda looked after the nadus. Similar officers looked after Vishayas and Rashtras. Land revenue, toll on goods, houses, shops and tax on occupations formed the income of the kingdom. Foreign trade also brought in lot of taxes.

2. Write about the educational system under the Rashtrakutas.

Ans: Agraharas and Mathas were the prominent educational centres of Rashtrakutas. Knowledge was imparted about Sanskrit, the Vedas, Astrology, Logic and the Puranas. Salotgi in lndi taluk of Bijapur district was one of the leading centers of learning.

3. Describe the Ellora temple.

Ans: The Kailashanath temple at ElIora, built by Krishna 1 is a monolithic wonder. This temple has been carved from a rock 100 feet high, 276 feet long and 154 feet wide. Dashavathara guhalaya is also here.

4. How did the Kalyan Chalukyas encourage literature?

Ans: Kannada literature prospered with the support of Jain scholars. The notable works of this period are:

1) ‘Gadayuddha' written by Ranna,

2) 'Panchatantra' written by Durgasimha,

3) 'Vikramankedeva Charita' composed by Bilhana,

4) 'Dharmarnruta' composed by Nayasena

5) Legal work, Mitakshara', by Vignaneshwara

6) 'Manasallosa' written by King Someshwara III is considered a Sanskrit encyclopedia. The unique contribution of Chalukyan period has been the 'Vachana' literature; Akkamahadevi, Allamaprabhu, Machayya and other were leading vachanakaras.

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