TRANSPORT-9th Sandard Social Science Notes



I. Fill in the blanks:

1. ______________ transport links villages and towns.

2. There are _________ national highways passing through Karnataka.

3. The city railway system of Bangalore is called __________

4. ____________ port is called the 'Gateway of Karnataka'.

5. The Coastal Railway of Karnataka is called _

Ans. (1) Road; (2) 14; (3) Namma Metro Rail; (4) Mangalore; (5) Konkan.

II. Discuss the groups and answer the following questions:

1. Explain the importance of road transport.

Ans. Road transport occupies a very important place in linking the villages and towns. RoAns can be constructed easily, at low cost. People and goods can be transported to each corner of the state. Development of roAns determines the progress of the state's agriculture, industry, mining and commerce.

2. Name the different types of roAns in Karnataka.

Ans. RoAns in Karnataka have been classified into four kinds. They are (i) National highways, (ii) State Highways, (iii) District roAns and (iv) Village roAns.

3. List the important rail routes of Karnataka.

Ans. In Karnataka state, there is no uniform distribution of railway lines in all the districts. Bangalore, Bellary, Belgaum, Hassan, Uttar Kannada, Chitradurga, Udupi, Ramnagar and Dakshina Kannada districts have an average of 150 to 200 km long railway Konkan railway route of west coast links Mangalore to Mumbai.

4. What are the advantages of air transport?

Ans. Air Transport is the fastest mode of transportation. This helps to take people, post and light weight goods to distant places in the shortest time. Air transport helps during natural calamities, wars and other emergencies to conduct relief work.

5. Name the ports of Karnataka.

Ans. In Karnataka, there are about 23 small and large ports. The New Mangalore Port was declared the 9th major port of the country on 4 may 1974. It is called the Gate Way of Karnataka. Old Mangalore Port, Malpe, Belekeri and Karwar are the other important ports.

Ill. Match the following:



1. Golden Quadrilateral



2. Broad gauge



3. H.A.L.



4. Belekeri



5. Namma Metro



f. Waterways

Ans:- 1-(C), 2 - (e); 3 - (d); 4 - (a); 5 - (b).


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